So tired of Pull-Ups…

I have this wonderful daughter, who potty trained super early and quit bedwetting by a year and a half.  She was living with my sister in law at the time because mommy and daddy were deployed.  She spoke early and has always had an extensive vocabulary, quit napping at about two years, never gets sick…  I could go on and on….  God really blessed me with such an easy and bright child for my first.

When my hubs and I returned from deployment, we lived with my sister in law for awhile to help transition little one back into our family unit with out culture shocking her…  As soon as the three of us moved out of the in-laws house and into our own home, the bedwetting started.  I was kind of expecting it as this amount of change can definitely cause some regression.  She was right about three years old when this happened.

She is a super heavy sleeper and puts in a good twelve hour night.  Like me, if she takes a nap in the middle of the day, she will sleep until morning.  During a growth spurt, she will take a whole day and sleep through it.  Sometimes only waking to go potty or eat a little and falling asleep in awkward places.  One time she got up to get dressed and took at least a twenty minute nap between each article of clothing right there in front of her dresser on the floor.  Another, more recent instance, she went to the bathroom and after a “number two” didn’t even wipe, laid down on the bathroom floor and was sound asleep (with her pants still down).  I hope she never reads my blog when she is older; she would hate me…  😀  Daddy had to clean her up, dress her back up and put her back into bed since I was at work.  We know that nothing is really wrong.  We check her temp and watch her for any signs of something else going on.  And then she gets noticably bigger within the next week.  The only thing she complains about during these times is that her legs hurt.  Growing pains…  I had them.  I can only remember her getting sick one time.

But this is not what I have come to talk about ( I’m good at getting sidetracked ).  My daughter is five and still wetting the bed.  She has a 50/50 chance of waking up dry…  I’m a little tired of the cost of the pull ups and cloth trainers are too small.  I cloth my little man (5 months) and figured it would work great for her too.  Problem is, they are just a bit too tight.  She wants me to make her some, which I plan to do this weekend, considering I’m running out of options and she is running out of pull-ups.  I’ve started making cloth for little man (the ones I buy are not fitting my little chunk very well with his huge butt and giant thighs and tiny waist).  I’m even working on a custom fluff for another mama.  I however haven’t found any good patterns for trainers that will fit a five year old.  I guess I will make my own pattern out of some of her underwear and a pull up.

For all of you mama’s out there who do cloth, what do you think I should take into consideration when making larger trainers?  Any suggestions, comments or ideas are greatly appreciated!


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