I’m BACK!!


So, I know it has been forever since my last post…

You know, LIFE happened. You know when you get going on something really well and then all of a sudden… WHACK! Life happens and turns you upside down. Well here I am thinking about all the things I don’t have time for and realize, well, what if I started my blog up again? I need to be able to share my life. So, here I am… I’m BACK!

In short, the last year has been full to the brim! My husband ETS’d and I will in just a few days, my little man has been undergoing testing for some metabolic/endocrine issues, I started direct sales with PartyLite and then stopped just as fast, started home canning, somehow acquired a small petting zoo in my house, my little man can now climb out of his crib so nap time is getting difficult, my daughter is reading at a 4th grade level and asking about “the facts of life,” I switched jobs, took up school again and in return, gave up sleep. Life is busy!

How do you keep your sanity when your plate is full?


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