Busy weekend!

Well good morning all!  The last two days have been super busy around our house!  On Saturday, I rolled myself out of bed around 0630 and headed off to town to pick up my Bountiful Baskets order.  Standard basket and 75 lbs of tomatoes!  The produce was great and the tomatoes were perfect.  

I arrived back at the house and got busy blanching and peeling tomatoes.  

I made a triple batch of spaghetti sauce and let it simmer all day.  

While that was simmering I sent my husband off to the market to bring me home some onions, garlic, and peppers.  

We canned up about 16 pints of salsa.  That took up 50 lbs of the tomatoes and kept me busy until around 10 p.m.  That and of course keeping up with Monster Mash and Book Worm.  

Speaking of my two darlings, at one point on Saturday, Monster Mash (who is potty training) pooped in his training pants, took them off and put them in my bathroom trash and ran back to the living room.  When I walked into the living room his eyes were glued to Veggie Tales while wiping his boy parts with the lens cloth for my glasses…Ahhhh!  I had no idea he had pooped so I try convincing him to go pee in his frog (a little urinal that is suction cupped to the front of the washing machine).  So he takes off for my bathroom at a dead sprint and stops right at the doorway, looks down and starts peeing on my bathroom floor.  (This whole time I have no idea he pooped).  So I snatch him up and continue on to the frog, reaching it just as he has finished peeing.  So I start to put a clean trainer on him, and that’s when I smell it.  So, I lay him down on the rug and start cleaning him up and decide it’ll be easier to toss him in the tub and hose him off.  He loves baths anyway.  My lens wiping rag went into the washer.  I think I will keep that out of reach from now on…  

I never went through any of this with BookWorm.  I was deployed when she potty trained.  And Sis tells me that she trained really easy.  

By the way my living room didn’t look like that until about an hour befor his nap time.

Anyways, BookWorm is having trouble staying on task.  She is almost 7.  I have to tell her to clean her room about 1000 times a day.  It’s a little frustrating…  But, her room was clean by the end of the weekend.

And yesterday, I slept through my alarm so by the time I got the kids up, dressed and fed, we missed Sunday School.  I teach Sunday School for all the kids K-6.  That equates to BookWorm and one other child who usually doesn’t show up anyway.  We arrived just in time for Church Service.  I’m so glad our music director was prepared for Children’s Church.  I guess I was put on the schedule, but I had been gone for the last 2 Sundays due to Prime for Life training and a visit to my inlaws.  

We headed home after that and I commenced to chopping up the last 25 lbs of tomatoes while my husband chatted with his day while blanching the tomatoes.  Just as I finished the very last of the tomatoes, BookWorm and I headed back to church for my group meeting in support of my college class and evening service.  When we got back home, Monster Mash was still napping and my husband had already fixed supper. While he chopped peppers, the kids and I ate supper and as soon as I finished I took over chopping while he ate.  We got everything ready for another 30 plus pints of salsa that will be canned tonight when I get home from work.  

I was so tired last night that I think I was snoring before my head hit the pillow!  

So tell me, how was your weekend?


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