The greatest of friends

Have you ever had one of those friends who seems to disappear from the planet, and when you finally see them again it’s as if they never left and you feel closer than you remember?  One of those friends that every conversation turns into laughter and your face hurts from smiling so much.

That was my day…

After having such a rough couple of weeks, it was so refreshing to be enveloped in such a wonderous feeling.  Between all the things I do to keep myself busy and my mind off of junk, I forget sometimes to enjoy myself.  When an old friend steps in and reminds you, the effects ripple through the rest of the day, affecting your outlook on everything you do.

Unfortunately, though I needed the joy and laughter, I’m not brave enough to unload my junk on him.  He’s always been a great listener and a wonderful friend, but it’s not fair to unload on him like he’s my therapist.

Maybe it’s time to get a therapist.

I hope to see my friend again really soon.  I’ve missed him so much!


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