Baby food

so I made another attempt at baby food.  This time I made mangoes.  No steaming necessary.  They turned out perfect, but I fed little man as much as he wanted…  Not a good idea!  About six hours and two nursings later, he barfed.  This kid takes the cake on projectile vomiting.  It went everywhere.  So, as I’m undressing him to get him in the second bath of the day, I start to remove his diaper and realize that mangoes go through rather quickly.  Ick!!  This boy smelled like a mango from every end.  And it wasn’t a nice fresh mango smell…  It was regurgitated and digested mango.  Oh well.  Now I know that I must limit to a couple tablespoons rather than give in to him whining for more…  Lesson learned. 



First time at baby food

I’m actually quite surprised at myself.  I expected I would be posting a lot more often.

Well, we had our 4 month doctor checkup for Little Man.  It went very well.  He is a nice, fluffy, 16 pounds.  We had already started feeding him small amounts of solids for the last two weeks.  He gets mangos and carrots so far.  We tried peas the day after his apointment and, like his daddy, he is NOT a fan.

Any way, about a week ago, I attempted to make my first batch of homemade baby food.  Started with carrots because I figured it would be an easy start.  Se we had bought a totally awesome Ninja to be able to do this, mostly because my cheapo one wouldn’t even make gaspacho.  I put the carrots on the stove to steam while I cleaned the Ninja for it’s first use.  I started smelling something burning and figured something had fallen below the burner and was getting a little toasted, so I finished up the carrots and put them in the Ninja and start processing away and adding water to get it to the right consistancy.  I put it into the ice cube trays and toss them in the deep freeze to set up.  I only have four ice cube trays and was planning to make another batch, so instead of cleaning all of my stuff up, I went to feed Little while I was waiting for the carrots to freeze.  After about two hours, I put the frozen cubes of carrot much into a gallon zip lock and proceeded to start another batch.

Unfortunately, it all stopped there.  I pulled the steam basket out of the pan and decided I was done for the day.  Or even the week for that matter.  I’m guessing the pan had run out of water, and caught on fire.  There was melted rubber from the rubber stoppers on the bottom of the steam basket, but also, ash as though the teflon from the pan had actually caught on fire.  Needless to say the pan and basket went straight to the trash and so did the ziplock bag full of carrot cubes.  I will try again as soon as I get a new steamer and pan.

For now it is store bought baby goo…

So much to do, so little time to do it…

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems like you can never get caught up?  Yeah…  Me too.  Only its every day…

I’ve never been good at time management.  Well, not at home anyway.  I manage my time and tasks very well at work and for the Army.  At least in my opinion and according to my reviews.  But when it comes to laundry, dishes, cleaning house, doing the chores, etcetera, the hours fly by and very little of what I had planned to get done actually gets accomplished.

I’ve tried chore lists and goal charts and just digging in to get it done.  But, very quickly I lose steam and I start using the kiddos as an excuse not to do my housework.  Oh, little man has a (barely) wet diaper…  Gotta change it.  Oh, little lady needs her hair brushed (for the umpteen zillionth time).  Believe me, I would totally rather play with my littles than icky old housework!

How about you?  How do you stay on task?

My new adventure… blogging.

Well, in a million years, I never thought I would ever start a blog.  But…  there has been so many things happen lately and so much more to do.  I have trouble keeping everything straight.  I want this to be an opportunity to collect and organize my thoughts and to be able to recieve feedback from other people.

I have been finding new interests in my life and want to share my adventures with the world as well as hear from some of you.

Lately I have been surfing the net an excessive amount of hours a day.  I’m usually not really into surfing…  But I recently started a few new adventures in my house.  I’ve started cooking freezer meals and cloth diapering my little one.  I had been searching and following many other blogs and FB pages.

I had been thinking about it and contemplating and rolling the idea around in my head.  Over and over and over…  and now here I am…


I’m so excited to try this but also a little scared…  I’ve never written all my thoughts out for anyone to see…  I’m usually a pretty closed book.  But hey!  Maybe I’ll be really good at this…

I have high hopes for this as a form of therapy.  (Read my about me page to understand why).

So I wonder…  Do you have a blog?  And what has it done for you?