Trying to be Crunchy

When I first started adulting, my priorities were very dumb…  I had to work to get money to go party to have a reason to work.

Then I deployed…

It became work hard to make sure everything is right so you don’t die on convoy.  That wasn’t how we actually thought about it, but it was definitely somewhere in the back of my mind.  Work hard…  but we played hard too!  A lot of fun times were had out there in the heat and the sand.

Then I came home…

Back to work to feed my unhealthy lifestyle.  I had a tight grip on the bottle at that time.  I soon found Jesus and relaxed my grip a little.

Then I deployed again.

This time I was in an office.  Not a motor pool or on a convoy.  I did my job to make the time go by.  I met my husband during that deployment.  Then I took him home on leave to meet my family.  Poor guy…  and back to finish the tour.

Then we came home.

I went to buy a car and made a dumb comment and a dumb choice for a car (you should ask me about this story sometime).  Our daughter was born the following spring and were married a year and a half after that.  My priorities changed to wrap around her (not my husband yet).

I was baptized and we deployed again.

My job this time held the safety and liability of thousands of Soldiers and TCNs.  I worked hard to keep them safe and to make sure they had what they needed.  Longest deployment ever.

Came home again to a two and a half year old big girl…  and she still loved me!  Within the next three years, my husband and I almost divorced, I (finally) lost all the baby weight, and we got pregnant again.

Then along comes my little monster!  If you saw him you wouldn’t believe it, but he has struggled with health issues since the day he was born.  His first week was spent with IVs and antibiotics and blood draws every couple of hours.

Now we are trying to figure out a new issue.  We are going to see an endocrinologist in a couple weeks. We started out thinking hypoglycemia, then his pediatrician said thyroid so we had tests taken that came back normal, then she sent us to neuro and the neurologist said hypoglycemia and sent us to have more blood tests done just to be sure and then we got a phone call.  The nurse said the lab results came back and it wasn’t normal.  Low C-peptides and low insulin.  Definitely not hypoglycemia…  Those two numbers together being low usually points to pancreatic issues or diabetes.  HE’S NOT EVEN TWO YET, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

So we’ve got to make some changes.  We aren’t sure what all changes we have to make, but I’m thinking it’s going to be a total life makeover.

Time to become…

A Crunchy Mom!!!